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Edition 21

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Works from 2020-2021.

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Special features of Edition 21's paperback copy: selected projects printed on transparent paper, all new coil binding, and back pocket to keep notes, postcards, and stickers. 

All paperback pre-orders will receive a free digital copy. Limited time offer. 

All physical Edition 21 orders will come with postcards and stickers! Shipments and pick-ups will begin in mid-December. 

OTTAWA RESIDENTS: If you live in Ottawa, we are able to arrange pick-up orders (starting after mid-December)! Use the discount code: "B22XOTTAWA" 

Applies to orders of $20.00 and up! 

DIGITAL ORDERS will begin after  pre-orders on December 1st 2021. You will receive an email with a downloadable link in 5-7 business days! 


Enid Huang

Assistant Editor:
Sarah Fahmy

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