Submission FAQs

I am confused, has the file submission changed since last year?

Yes, we have changed the way students submit their files. Previously, students would submit an indesign file to us, this had the advantage of standard formatting. However, this process was difficult to students who were not familiar to indesign and often led to font and link issues. To simplify this process, we created a digital form to gather all of the required information and used we transfer for the large images. 

When will I know if I have made it into the final publication?

The final list will be sent out between August to October and we will post this update on our instagram and contact the students directly. Although we try to include as many projects as possible, due to the large number of student nominations, unfortunately not every project will make it into the final publication. 

File Submissions

How do I know if my files were submitted successfully?

We will notify you through email once we have received and reviewed your files.

I do not have access to my files for submission, what can I do?

Please contact us and we can help resolve this issue. We understand that students travel, move, experience power outages, and have technical issues.

My file is too large for WeTransfer, what should I do?

Please try separating the different portions of the file and sending it to us in several WeTransfers and we'll compile the file on our end. Otherwise, we recommend reducing the image count but not downscaling the image quality. 

Formatting/ Image Concerns

What format do the images have to be in?

.TIFF is the only acceptable format otherwise the quality of images will be poor in the final print. Please re-export your images as TIF or follow the instructions from the Carleton's FabLab website. 

How many images/drawings can I submit?

You can submit between 1-10 images max from your nominated project. You must submit your work from only the nominated projects. If that means you submit one image, that is completely fine! We cannot guarantee all images will make it into the publication but we do encourage students to submit the max limit so we can see as much work as possible. 

I have updated my drawings since my nominating Professor last saw them, which images do I submit?

You can submit your original or updated images, it does not matter to us. We want the images that you feel best represent your project or your favourite images.

Do I use the project title from the Professor's syllabus or the own name I gave my project?

Please submit your own projects name, if you do not have a name for your project you are welcome to use the Professor's name for the project.

For each submission, do we submit anything other than the LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME_COURSECODE folder?

No, we only require one folder per project that contained your named images. We do not need a word doc or screenshot of your answers.

I only noticed after I submitted that their was an issue with my submission (spelling mistake, wrong description, etc), what should I do?

Please email us the corrections and we will fix them manually. Please do not wait more than 48 hours after your submission to contact us because the book might be further on development the longer you wait.

Multiple/ Group Submissions

If we were nominated for a group project, do we submit individually or as one?

Please submit as one group. You can put multiple peoples names and emails within the 'Student Profile' section of the nomination form.

What if I have been nominated for multiple projects but they are NOT related, what should I do?

Please submit your projects as individual folder submissions. Each project can have up to 10 images as per the limit but can exist within the same final submission as PROJECT01  PROJECT02 PROJECT03 and so on. Please submit multiple nomination forms for each project.

I have been nominated for multiple projects but they are all related, what should I do?

You can submit your project as one merged submission. You still must follow the 10 image limit and submit your merged project within one nomination form.

General Questions

Do I have to submit my work to Building 22 if I have been nominated? Will their be any penalties? 

We are a student run publication and are very mindful of student's busy lives and desires. If you do not want to submit your work that is completely fine. We or the school, do not penalize you for not submitting but we encourage everyone to submit if you can.

I want to submit work to Building 22 that I was not nominated for, can I do this?

Yes you can but you many only do so when we open up the self nomination portal after the professor nominations have been sent out. Self nominations are for any students who were not nominated at all, for a particular project, or had a project outside of typical architecture classes (ex. elective class).  

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