Edition 23

Editor: Cam Penney

Assistant Editor: Nupur Agrawal

Special features of Edition 23 include: Vellum poster-wrapped  cover with embossed elements, stickers, and 2 post cards housed within the vellum folds.

Items released this year:


New for the Edition 23 Publication Launch, the Official Building 22 Trace+ Sketchbook. Designed to imagine, iterate, and create.

Designed for creatives; tear out the premium vellum and place on top the custom dot grid cover. Draw in axonometric, isometric, and to scale or simply iterate on top of your in-book drawings! 

- 5.5"x8.5" Studio Sketchbook 

100 pages total + Front and back uncoated cover for easy customization

 - 50 pages of premium 40 lb Vellum + 50 pages of premium 100 lb Smooth Mixed-media, pure white paper 

 - Printed cover with custom dot grid, scale bars, and standard line weight guide for easy referencing and to scale tracing

 - Wire bound, rigid construction for on-the-go travel sketching 

- The Vellum embraces alcohol markers, providing a satisfying and enjoyable experience with absolutely no bleed through, Mixed-media accepts all dry media, ink, and gouache well.


- 100% Cotton 14"x16" , Screen Printed 

See below for previews of all items released this year!


Faculty Editors: Janine Debanné & Johan Voordouw

Graphics Advisor: HyeYoon (John) Ahn

Print and Exhibit Advisor: Emma Rath

Sound Design: Noah Perkins

Audio Video Design: Steve Macleod & Luis Panchi Galvan

Exhibit Management and Coordination Team: Dani Berno, Caitlyn Chin, Sara Cipolla, Alexis David, Ajendra Leon de Grante, Lauren Liebe, Alexandria Larose, Anne Leslie, and Michael Mandac

Photography: Michael Mandac & Luis Panchi Galvan



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